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Randy’s DASH

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Full Voltage Range 2.8v – 4.2v

The Digital Display on the Dash allows the user a more customizable experience with their cartridge. When using the Dash you have the ability to select the voltage of the device anywhere from 2.8V – 4.2V. With the buttons next to the display, you can select your voltage by increments of .10V (15 total settings). This allows you to select your perfect voltage for the perfect experience.




Quick Charge 650mAh Battery

The Dash is equipped with a high grade, long lasting 650 mAh battery that is perfect for on the go usage. On average a 650mAh battery can deliver 400 hits at 2.8V before needing recharged! The Dash includes a premium quality quick charging cable. The combination of the 650mAh battery, digital display control center and the quick charge cable allows the user to quickly and efficiently charge their Dash.

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Digital Display Control Center

Full Voltage Range 2.8v – 4.2v

Protected Tankview Design

Quick Charge 650mAh Battery


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