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How to use CBD for pet care

Years and years of research have irrefutably shown that cannabis has medical properties. For this reason, even veterinarians have shown an interest in using CBD oil on dogs and cats since both have an endocannabinoid system capable of processing cannabidiol.

Using CBD on pets is legal and common in most countries and states in the USA. As with humans, there are also various CBD formulations for animals to treat various disorders. CBD is the most natural way to treat epilepsy or arthritis that afflicts our four-legged friends. The benefits that can be obtained from the consumption of this substance are far greater than the risks and therefore it is a safe substance and an efficient solution.

So let’s see how CBD can benefit our animals.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a simple tincture or concentrated extract of the cannabis plant. It has a high concentration of CBD and a low THC, therefore it has no narcotic effects. These oils are generally obtained by passing a solvent such as butane, olive oil, alcohol, CO2, and ice water over the mature cannabis plant.

When the solvents pass through the stem, and the leaves, they extract or dissolve the cannabinoids, the trichomes, the terpenes and retain these components in the solution. These solvents are then evaporated, leaving an oily concentrate called CBD oil.

Are CBD-based products safe?

It is very important to point out that CBD oil is not absolutely psychotropic or amazing. Which means your animals can in no way be addicted to this substance. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of CBD oil: it brings all the benefits of the plant without the amazing effects typical of marijuana.

Now that we’ve made clear what CBD oil is, let’s see how your pet can take advantage of it.

What animals can benefit from the CBD?

In general, most animals classified as chordate (with the spine) possess an endocannabinoid system just like the human one. This system plays a fundamental role in the assimilation of cannabidiol. This means that CBD oil can be used on almost all pets including dogs, cats and even horses.

The benefits of CBD on animals

1) Fights anxiety

Depression and anxiety are caused by an imbalance of the chemical components in the brain. Dogs are particularly prone to this type of imbalance. Veterinary studies have shown that CBD can help normalize the flow of substances guilty of these disorders. Furthermore, CBD can interact with serotonin and adenosine, two receptors in the brain that guarantee its proper functioning. Many use CBD to help dogs overcome separation anxiety or anxiety caused by fireworks or storms.

2) Kills cancer cells

There is scientific evidence showing that CBD has the power to prevent cancer cells from growing and developing. Although studies to date have only been conducted on mice and rats, the countless reports of doctors and experts have shown promising results.

3) Stop convulsion

Convulsions are disorders in brain electrical activities that cause a violent tremor. Convulsions, originating in the brain, are very difficult to control. Several studies have shown that using CBD can significantly reduce seizure episodes and their intensity even in our four-legged friends.

4) Relieves pain

Swelling and pain in dogs and cats are regulated by the vanilloid receptor in the brain. When CBD interacts with this type of neuron, it is effective in preventing receptors from activating and sending the pain signal to the body.

5) Stimulates the appetite

Research has shown that CBD can decrease nausea and stimulate appetite through interaction with various neurons in the animal’s brain. Consequently it stimulates the animal to hospitalize itself especially if it is affected by diseases such as cancer or epilepsy. The body needs to be nourished to have the strength to fight any disease, and when it is not given enough nutrients, it can lead to serious problems.

6) Side Effects

The side effects of using CBD on pets are relatively minimal and occur only in some extreme cases. The most common problems reported by veterinarians and doctors are lethargy and drowsiness. However, sleepiness seems to actually be an advantage for many dog ​​owners. On average, dogs should sleep 13 hours a day. The most serious side effects that occur are vomiting and itching, but these are extremely rare cases.

7) Can animals have a CBD overdose?

In any case it is advisable to pay particular attention to the dosage of the substance, since an excessive intake of CBD could harm the health of dogs and cats. The side effects of an overdose can last from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on how much excess CBD oil has been administered. In these cases it is normal for the animal to lose its appetite and be unable to perform simple actions such as standing.

Although many dog ​​and cat owners will disagree, animals are unable to tell us if they feel anxious or how much pain they feel. Therefore it is important to observe the animal after taking CBD and note changes in appetite, energy level, behavior and other activities.

If you suspect your pet has an overdose of CBD, immediately stop the administration and take it to the vet. Also make sure you monitor properly to avoid repeating the mistake.

8) Do vets recommend CBD?

If you intend to buy CBD-based products for your pet, we recommend a consultation with the veterinarian. Don’t be upset if your veterinarian advises you not to use cannabis to treat your pet. Although scientific studies show promising results, they are relatively new in the world of medicine. Your doctor may not be up to date with the latest research, so accept his advice, but do not give up trying to use cannabidiol. It is important to find an open-minded vet who knows the product well. In general they can offer all their experience and knowledge in this regard to guide you in the most appropriate choice for your case.

Do an individual search and talk to other pet owners to get useful information. Keep in mind that side effects are almost nil, so don’t harm your health. Try some CBD on your dog or cat. If strange side effects emerge, stop immediately.

It is very important to buy a CBD oil extracted from organically grown plants. This guarantees the absolute absence of mold, pesticides, and heavy metals, which could be fatal for many animals..

Many studies have shown that cannabis, specifically CBD, offers innumerable medical advantages for animals. You can use this substance regularly to keep your pet healthy and to relieve anxiety, pain, the effects of cancer or epilepsy.

Although CBD oil is less toxic to animals than many other medicines, it is possible to overdose and cause side effects to dogs or cats. Paying attention to the dosage instead, your furry friend will stay at your side longer and in good health.

The information available on this page is based on studies and research, as well as personal experiences reported by consumers of CBD.

To treat a medical condition with CBD-based products, always consult a healthcare professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder or condition. Any information contained and made available on our website is not intended to be used as a substitute for information or health care by authorized healthcare professionals. Please consult a doctor regarding any potential interactions or complications before using our products.


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