ConcentrateDab ToolsCoqui Extracts Stainless Steel Concentrate Handling Tool

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Coqui Extracts Stainless Steel Concentrate Handling Tool

These stainless steel dabbing tools are a must have in a medical dispensary or smoke shop due to their meteoric rise in popularity as a go-to concentrates tool. Great two way design and made from stainless steel to ensure satisfaction and manufactured to be long lasting product.

They are also great for personal use as an accessory for your dabs, waxes and concentrates.

Double Sided Tip

Coqui Extracts Stainless Steel Dab Tool features a double-sided tip; it has a precision tip on one side and a scoop tip on the other, providing the versatility you need to control your concentrates.

Additional information

Product Highlights

*Stainless steel construction
*Concentrate Loading Tool
*Double sided tip
*Precision tip on one side, scoop tip on the other


Coqui Extracts Stainless Steel Loading Tool

Material: Stainless steel
Style: Concentrate Tool
Tip: Double sided
*Precision tip
*Scoop tip


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